A look at Seville, looking at the small details that have made it a universal city. Almost three millennia of history have left traces in the form of unique works of art and urban spaces of enormous beauty. It is impossible to summarize this city in a set of monuments. It is not just a set of postcards. We could begin this narrative with a historic entrance to the north.

The Macarena arch or gate is one of the few entrances to the walls of Seville that have come down to us, along with the Puerta de Córdoba and the Postigo del Aceite. It is attached to the longest wall canvas among the few preserved in the city. There is no certainty about the origin of the name of the door and there are theories that point to a remote Roman past or even earlier. However, it is most likely that the name also comes from the Islamic period, when it would be called “bab Maqarana”. Apparently, Maqarana would be the name of a landowner who had large properties north of the city and which were reached by the road that started from this gate. That’s where the name would have come from…

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