Next to one of the fountains of the Jardines de las Delicias, a series of four joined brick walls was arranged in the 2007 reform, forming a series of three benches. On them were placed four Renaissance tondos, originally made for the Plateresque façade of the Seville City Hall. They were removed from their original location in a restoration undertaken in the 19th century and replaced by others that imitate the Plateresque style.

One of the originals that we see today in the park represents Julius Caesar or Achilles, it is not known for sure. Another represents Hercules and the other two Carlos V and Isabella of Portugal, who celebrated their wedding in Seville at the time of the construction of the City Hall façade.

Despite their enormous deterioration, they are pieces of great historical value for the city. Unfortunately, their current location makes them easy targets for vandalism.

The tondos are located today in front of a marble fountain with a mixtilinear plan surrounded by a mosaic of enchinado.

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